It’s a word. Ok?

Since starting this journey, there are so many things that have come up that have seemed so counterintuitive to me.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Counterintuitive as contrary to what one would intuitively expect.

My energy

I was feeling exhausted and had very low energy. I talked to my doctor about it, got some tests done, started taking more vitamins and supplements and felt ok, and felt kinda better. When I was more active, I know it made me feel good – I felt better physically, my head was clear…but would expending more energy give me MORE energy? That makes no sense…right?

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Food Friday: Shake it up!

Mornings can be pretty insane. Sometimes I wonder what other people would say if they could watch what our mornings are like…sleepy faces, stuffing mouths, prepping meals, yelling reminders to “FINISH YOUR BREAKFAST!” “BRUSH YOUR TEETH!” “WHY ISN’T YOUR BED MADE YET?!” “WE’RE GONNA BE LATE!”

However, in the morning I wake up before everyone else, enjoy the quiet before the daily storm, and fit in several things in the early hours on my own:

• FAITH: time with my Creator and put on my Jesus suit

• FUN: a workout or a run for a good sweat

• FUEL: feeding my body what it’s lacking and what it needs to launch my day

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Transformation Tuesday

When I found myself at the midpoint of the program last week, I thought I’d take some progress photos out of curiosity. I know I’ve been feeling amazing, I can feel myself getting stronger, my kids are no longer just asking my husband to carry them (I’m 4 feet and 8ish inches –they’re almost as big as me, so it’s a bit awkward…limbs dangling everywhere and spilling out of my arms)…things are changing.

So I took a few, same poses (didn’t plan on taking them, so wasn’t wearing the same clothes), used one of those apps to split screen the comparison, and…

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Community & Accountability

I’ve recently discovered, due to current lack of it, that I thrive in team environments. I used to think of myself as a very independent person, not hesitant to do things on my own, and at times, not really willing to be a team player. When I was in school, I used to have an internal panic attack when profs or teachers would utter the words “Group Work”. And in those groups, I was often the person who would volunteer to do a majority of the work, just for the sake of getting it done and not having to worry about the juggle of collaboration.

How weird is that?

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Then and Now

I took this photo over 9 years ago. I was fairly newly married, it was my birthday, and my husband and I had just gone for a run that morning. I feel like looking back, I didn’t have a care in the world. It kinda looks like it too. This was also after I had run my first marathon, so I was in pretty good health.

If I could go back and say something to this young woman, among the many things I’d say, I’d include 2 things:

1. Your life is about to get really chaotic, but the good news is, it’s because you’re gonna be a mom! (I got pregnant around a month after this!)

2. When you get advice later on about taking care of yourself, treat that advice like GOLD.

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