Transformation Tuesday

When I found myself at the midpoint of the program last week, I thought I’d take some progress photos out of curiosity. I know I’ve been feeling amazing, I can feel myself getting stronger, my kids are no longer just asking my husband to carry them (I’m 4 feet and 8ish inches –they’re almost as big as me, so it’s a bit awkward…limbs dangling everywhere and spilling out of my arms)…things are changing.

So I took a few, same poses (didn’t plan on taking them, so wasn’t wearing the same clothes), used one of those apps to split screen the comparison, and…



To the naked eye, the differences might be minimal. But I can see the changes toward my goals taking shape. HOW EXCITING IS THIS?! I wish I could take before and after pics for everything! I’ve never done this before!

I’ve been so excited to share it, that even the growing fear and shame I’ve had over the last 8 years of anyone seeing my midsection, let alone the BEFORE of my midsection, is being set aside. Everyone knows I’ve had kids and that I’m small and have been stretched out multiple times and heck, I’m in my mid-late thirties, I’m not a taut teen anymore. (Not sure I ever was, but whatever.)

These photos encouraged me to increase my weight (on my current shopping list: heavier weights!) and to keep digging (or in Insanity-ish “DIG DEEPER!”). Oddly, I feel like I have even more energy to keep going. Counterintuitive, isn’t it?…

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