Food Friday: Shake it up!

Mornings can be pretty insane. Sometimes I wonder what other people would say if they could watch what our mornings are like…sleepy faces, stuffing mouths, prepping meals, yelling reminders to “FINISH YOUR BREAKFAST!” “BRUSH YOUR TEETH!” “WHY ISN’T YOUR BED MADE YET?!” “WE’RE GONNA BE LATE!”

However, in the morning I wake up before everyone else, enjoy the quiet before the daily storm, and fit in several things in the early hours on my own:

• FAITH: time with my Creator and put on my Jesus suit

• FUN: a workout or a run for a good sweat

• FUEL: feeding my body what it’s lacking and what it needs to launch my day

Since it’s #FoodFriday, I decided I gotta say something about my shake. I started making this part of my diet and could feel a change right away. I eat pretty healthily, but I realized I must’ve been missing something. There was actually a day or two when I missed having it. Like I MISSED having it – I wished I could have it but was out and couldn’t prepare one, and my body felt that something was missing.

Once you know how your body should feel, when your gut feels right, you don’t wanna turn back. Without it, I feel off, sluggish, and well, kinda yucky. And I can’t start my day like that anymore.

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