It’s a word. Ok?

Since starting this journey, there are so many things that have come up that have seemed so counterintuitive to me.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Counterintuitive as contrary to what one would intuitively expect.

My energy

I was feeling exhausted and had very low energy. I talked to my doctor about it, got some tests done, started taking more vitamins and supplements and felt ok, and felt kinda better. When I was more active, I know it made me feel good – I felt better physically, my head was clear…but would expending more energy give me MORE energy? That makes no sense…right?


After getting back to regularly exercising, I was finding that evening workouts were not working for me. I thought I’d try waking up early to get them in. Oh the world of the morning, people! I forgot what it was like to wake up before everyone else (my kids are early risers). I was energized, got my workout in, felt good about getting it done, got my shake and shower on, even getting meal prep done was easier. And, get this, I had time to sit down and hang with the kids during breakfast instead of rushing them through it!

Being active and fuelling myself well in the morning gave me more energy throughout the day. My husband was no longer coming home to a wife asleep on the couch or finding me tagging him to care for the kids only get my leftover energy from the day. I was awake! Getting stuff done!

My Mind

Even my mental state has improved. I won’t go into super detail now, but I dealt with post-partem depression and anxiety after I had our daughter. Over time and various treatments, the depression subsided but the anxiety stayed. I’ve learned to manage it but it always seemed to stay close to the surface and would read its ugly head whenever I felt overwhelmed, stressed or sometimes, over what some might think is the most minor thing. One thing that worried me at times, when I was thinking about this was, with another thing on my day’s To Do List, I risk my anxiety getting worse.

Wrong again.

My anxiety has gone down drastically. I know it won’t completely go away, but it’s definitely coming up much less, and when it does come up, it’s very easy to manage.

And with seemingly more to do, I’m actually more focused on my tasks, whether at work or at home, or at hand. It’s pretty amazing. It’s almost like my mental filing system has been rebooted and reorganized. My “brain juices” (sorry, is that gross?) are flowing more regularly and freely and balanced. I feel more efficient at everything. And I think my husband might even say I’m less forgetful. That’s big. Even if it’s just by a bit. 😉

My Family Time

Let me give you an idea of what I was like at the end of the day.

Total zombie. I meant well and wanted to make sure I did the whole bed time routine with my husband and our kids but I could never be consistent. There were nights I’d wake up on the couch and find out they kissed me good night instead of the other way around. Sad face.

But with all this change has come more time together, more stories and prayers and songs and exchange. And sometimes they even find their way to me in the morning to hang out while I work out (or take part too).

Time with my husband is better too. We’re sleeping earlier, working out together too sometimes, eating better…

Overall, things are just better.

This is definitely life changing so far.

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