Transformation Tuesday: What happened to me

This post shows the physical transformation I’ve made over the past 8 weeks.

I’ve been doing an 8-week program that asks for a commitment only 4 days a week for 30-40 minutes. That left me with 3 days to rest, stretch, relax, recoup… But, as I got deeper into the program, because I was loving how I was feeling, I actually used a bunch of those days to be active in other ways. I loved how it made me feel, and I now feel like I need some activity every day.

So, after completing this program, here are my visual results:








In terms of goals, this is what I set for myself:

  • To take control of my health and fitness working to gain strength
  • To improve tone overall but to lose on my midsection and gain almost everywhere else

In terms of toning, it has definitely improved. My before photos were actually taken after I had started working out out a bit more regularly, but had I taken them several months prior, and had I been brave enough to take them, I would have liked to see the difference from then. (That was back when I got that comment as to if I was pregnant…I plan to write about that, by the way, but I’m waiting for that moment when it becomes funny.)

People have been asking me how much weight I’ve lost. Drumrolll…..

In terms of weight, I GAINED…


Two things about this:

  1. I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I was trying to gain weight. But the kind of weight I was trying to gain was muscle. And what I was trying to lose was fat, which I know I’ve lost just from pinching my tummy. Muscle weighs more than fat. So, I consider this a WIN!
  2. This is a “scale victory”…which I take with a grain of salt. There’s a misconception that smaller is better, but to me, I’m trying to get stronger, more toned and well, overall, bigger, all in a good way. The scale only tells you one thing: your weight. And your weight only tells you how heavy you are. It doesn’t tell you what it is that contributes to your weight. It doesn’t tell you that a good chunk of your weight is water. It doesn’t tell you how healthy you are or aren’t. It doesn’t tell you if you’re bloated or not. It doesn’t tell you if you should eat more or less. It doesn’t applaud you for that healthy meal you cooked or frown at you for binging. It doesn’t tell you that you’re doing awesome. It only tells you your weight.

In terms of measurements, I’m really pleased with my progress. I gained where I wanted and lost where I wanted (except my butt, but that’s ok!). So, WIN!


In terms of strength, I know I’ve gotten stronger. I started the program out with 2-pound dumbbells and the most flexible resistance bands. And they felt heavy. My daughter is around 25 lbs so I thought I could lift more, but it turns out with the correct form, 2lbs was good for me. By the end of the program, I was lifting with 8-pound dumbbells. I had to pick up weights in the middle of the program because the 2-pound ones weren’t a challenge anymore…and then the 5-pound ones weren’t anymore. It was really exciting to see how strong I was getting. And I could tell because I could not only carry my daughter, but also my sons again who are over 40 pounds each. There isn’t much need to carry them these days, but I found that I could carry them to bed if they fell asleep on the couch or in the car, and that felt good because I was helping out my husband and also not waking them to go upstairs to their beds. (If you know me, you know that every so often, if I can squeeze out a little more baby out of them when I can, I will!)

This is all about just my physical transformation, though. There was WAY more going on underneath that I’ve touched on in posts here and there, about what was also transforming mentally and physiologically, and I think those changes are the most drastic. It’s just too bad you can’t actually see them.

So what happens now that I’m finished this 8-week program?

Well, I’m doing it ALL OVER AGAIN, willingly and with so much love…I’m motivated by the results I’ve gotten, so I want to keep going. I want to lift heavier, I want to get stronger.

What are your goals for your health? Are you looking to make a change? Contact me or drop a comment below – I would love to help you get there and do this together.

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