Investing in your Health II

The Art of Working Backwards

I’ve taken a LOT of project management courses. What I love most about it identifying my goals and planning for them. Planning isn’t for everyone, but boy, do I love it. I mentioned before that life doesn’t always go as planned, but it never hurts to make a plan.

(FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL – write on sticky note)

I also love sticky notes.


So, I’m about to give you the most simplified crash course in project management planning. The project? Your Health.

Let’s begin.

Envision your life 30 years from now, as you want it to be.

What are you doing?

On vacation?
Enjoying the outdoors?

Who are you with?

Hanging out with family?
Playing with grand children?
Chasing a pet?
Out with friends?

How do you feel?


Let’s set these items as your goal items.img_6176

Now, what are the steps to achieve these goals?

Take note of every single item that comes to mind, whether for tomorrow or 28 years from now, however big or small. You can include milestones and smaller goals as well, and include steps to meet those.

Then, take those items, categorize them, and put them in chronological order.

Now, set due dates for each item, even if they’re rough for the ones that are 28 years from now.

This is your plan!

BUT, can I bet you that somewhere in there, you may have forgotten about self-care? In order for you to even get to 30 years from now, you have to take care of yourself today.

So, let’s back up a bit.

At what point in your plan would you like to be in optimal health, if you aren’t already? And if you are, what steps would you like to take to maintain your level of health? And if you’re not, at what point before then would you like to start taking charge of your health?

Time to work backwards again, brainstorm what you want to do, categorize and re-order, and add these steps into your big plan. These may seem like small items not worthy of your big plan, but they are vital to you getting there, are they not?



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