Transformation Tuesday: What happened to me

This post shows the physical transformation I’ve made over the past 8 weeks.

I’ve been doing an 8-week program that asks for a commitment only 4 days a week for 30-40 minutes. That left me with 3 days to rest, stretch, relax, recoup… But, as I got deeper into the program, because I was loving how I was feeling, I actually used a bunch of those days to be active in other ways. I loved how it made me feel, and I now feel like I need some activity every day.

So, after completing this program, here are my visual results:

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It’s a word. Ok?

Since starting this journey, there are so many things that have come up that have seemed so counterintuitive to me.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Counterintuitive as contrary to what one would intuitively expect.

My energy

I was feeling exhausted and had very low energy. I talked to my doctor about it, got some tests done, started taking more vitamins and supplements and felt ok, and felt kinda better. When I was more active, I know it made me feel good – I felt better physically, my head was clear…but would expending more energy give me MORE energy? That makes no sense…right?

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