Investing in my Health, Part 5

When I started dating my boyfriend (now husband), he was kinda grossed out by the fact that I loved vegetables and fish. He would sing “You don’t win friends with salad”, taunting me while I enjoyed my roughage, and would stare oddly at my plate when I’d eat fish. He claimed he didn’t want to eat something that looked the same as it did when it was alive. He was not a vegan.

I vowed to get him to not only start eating more veggies and fish, but also to love it. (He also vowed to get me to love Spam…20 years later, he’s still trying.) I’m happy to say I was successful…and sometimes he even gets excited when he comes home and sees that there’s fish and veggies for dinner.

Spam Musubi, one of the only ways I actually like Spam!

I loved getting him to eat better. I still do, although after marriage, they call it “nagging”.  *insert annoyed face here*

After we got married, people started making jokes that I wasn’t feeding him because he started shedding pounds. He wasn’t eating less, just better. It felt so good to help him make that change, to take better care of himself.

Food Friday: Shake it up!

Mornings can be pretty insane. Sometimes I wonder what other people would say if they could watch what our mornings are like…sleepy faces, stuffing mouths, prepping meals, yelling reminders to “FINISH YOUR BREAKFAST!” “BRUSH YOUR TEETH!” “WHY ISN’T YOUR BED MADE YET?!” “WE’RE GONNA BE LATE!”

However, in the morning I wake up before everyone else, enjoy the quiet before the daily storm, and fit in several things in the early hours on my own:

• FAITH: time with my Creator and put on my Jesus suit

• FUN: a workout or a run for a good sweat

• FUEL: feeding my body what it’s lacking and what it needs to launch my day

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