Why do you that to yourself?!

The stairs at the Diamond Head crater, Hawaii

I’ve gotten asked this question many times. Heck I’ve even asked myself that before.

“Guess what? I’m training for my very first marathon!!!”

“Really? Why are you doing that to yourself?”

Talking about infomercials…“Have you tried Hip Hop Abs? It’s so fun!!”

“I love Shaun T! I just started Insanity!”

“What? Why would you do that to yourself?”

Coming into the office from the stairs… “Did you just take the stairs?”


“All the way from the ground floor?”


“Do you always do that?”

“Yep…you should take the stairs sometimes! It’s good exercise!”

“When I do, I only take it one floor….but why do you do that to yourself?”

The thing is, what is it that I’m “doing” to myself?

Is it the discomfort exercise can bring that I’m “doing” to myself?

Is it that I’m restricting what I eat that I’m “doing” to myself?

I can tell you what it is I KNOW I’m doing to myself:

I’m sacrificing very temporary discomfort in my fitness to get STRONGER.

I’m eating better and making better choices so I can feel better and have my body work better, the way it’s supposed to…

And, “feeling better” includes not overly restraining myself or avoiding having treats.

But, because I make better choices and I love the way I feel because I’m healthier, I don’t mind the discomfort and the better food choices.

I “do this to myself” because after you get over the discomfort, you find rewards:

  • A stronger self
  • A new definition of discomfort
  • A pushed limit
  • A newfound ease to doing those difficult things
  • A more confident self
  • A desire to “do this to yourself” more often
  • A healthier outlook
  • A new level of energy…

The list is literally endless. And until you “do this to yourself” and get over the initial hurdle of self-doubt and discomfort, you won’t really ever know if you could do it…will you?